it's famous because it's good

Generating interest in your wedding business often comes down to writing good sales copy. So how do you write good sales copy? It comes down to the words you do and don’t use. One of the most common switches that boosts interest in a product is switching the word “learn” to “discover.” What we can discover from this simple thing is that marketing copy has to inspire and motivate. If brides aren’t signing with you it’s not because they aren’t getting married. More often than not it comes down to your copy. If they hate your website or brochure they are never going to be motivated to contact you no matter whose wedding you’ve done or how great the pictures are. Why is this? Because your job in marketing is to peak their interest and tell them why they need you.

There is no stronger example for this than the use of the word because. Check out the awesome article by Doug Antkowiak for examples of how using the word “because” has worked for people in business. Because is a word that gives a reason behind a request or bit of information. Think about it. If you tell someone that your business is great and does high end weddings, that is all great and good. But if you tell them that your business is great and does high end weddings because you love the detail required and once worked with a Vanderbuilt then you are much more likely to start booking high end weddings more often. People need a reason. It doesn’t even have to be a spectacular reason, but if you give them a reason they are much less likely to argue and more likely to trust that you know what you are doing. What do you think?

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