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When you are growing a wedding business there is a lot of work, mixed with a lot of waiting. As long as you are doing the right things and have a marketable product or service you should see growth, be it slow or fast.

Dani Fankhauser has a great article pointing out the main things you can do to grow your business. The first and main tip however is great customer service. No matter what else you do or don’t do your customer service is the thing that determines your long term success. Don’t cut corners. It can be tempting sometimes to drop the ball and not jump to resolve an issue, or call a bride right back. Don’t do it! The sooner you deal with something the better you are liked.

The reason why customer service is so crucial is due to the amount of trust that people put in to online reviews. If you get one bad review, but have a lot of good reviews you are okay. However the more bad reviews you get, the harder it is going to be to book brides and grow your business and like it or not, those who are the fastest to jump online are the brides who had a bad experience. Resolve the issue, make them happy and try if possible to avoid bad reviews while maintaining the integrity of your business. What do you think?

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