wedding reception

Gathering client reviews is crucial for all wedding businesses. Without those reviews your business lacks credibility. According to Andy Ebon’s article there comes a point where they become practically useless however. That point is when you have 50 or more reviews. 10 reviews is great. The difference it will make in turning leads into sales is huge. But 50 of those same reviews do nothing extra for you.

Andy had an interesting idea that will set your wedding business apart from the competition. Instead of just getting client reviews, what about getting peer recommendations? In a way this is already happening in the wedding industry when businesses are networked, and one business recommends working with another business. But you can take it a step further.

Get actual written recommendations, and incorporate using reciprocal link sharing on your website. Its one thing for a bride to say a business is good, but having others in the wedding industry say it’s good will set you far part from the competition. What do think? Is this something that you can see being beneficial for your business?

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