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When did you last look at a bunch of wedding business websites? There is a trend which is quickly catching on with wedding websites that is crucial in capturing a bride’s attention and it increases the probability of changing her from an observer to a client.

This trend is pictures. Lots of artistic, eye catching pictures that show off the work your business does. Now obviously over using pictures is no better than not using pictures at all, however you should use a few pictures on every website page you have, as well as having a photo album to show off more of your work.

The reason this works according to Kathy DalPra’s brilliant article on Bride Appeal is because pictures convey an idea faster than words. They also show how good you are, and let’s face it; brides today are used to social media where they see a ton of pictures all the time. So what do you think? Are pictures the next big trend?

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One thought on “The New Best Way To Capture A Brides Attention”

  1. Great picture idea you have used yourself to promote the post. It amazes me at times that many don’t have galleries or quality pictures on their site. As the saying goes ” A picture says a thousand words” and as they are relativity easy to put up and access why wouldn’t you. Thanks also for the other insights always great reading and food for the grey-matter. Cheers, Ron Gallagher (Australia).

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