Important Wedding Business Questions

There is one question that we get all the time in our book more brides Facebook Member group:

What do your couples want the most from you?

The funny thing is, the answer has nothing to do with what you offer. 

“What is going to make your wedding couples actually want to book with you, and have you on their wedding team, comes down to an emotional decision.”

When you can speak directly to your engaged couple’s emotional decision, you show them that you get them in a way that nobody else can. You’re saying that you know exactly what they are looking for, how they feel, and how you will answer this need and desire they have. This is how you will stand out from your competitors.

How your couples decide which wedding professional is right for them

Buying decisions are emotional decisions, especially for brides who are trying to find the right wedding professional for their dream wedding. But, of course, logic plays a massive part in decision-making as well. As a wedding professional, you need to fit into the budget that your wedding couple has already determined before speaking to you. You need to provide the product or the service that your wedding couple needs for their wedding day. And you will need to be available on their chosen date. Once you tick all your wedding couple’s logistical boxes, you are not guaranteed a booked wedding just yet. You still have to tick their emotional boxes and show them that you know exactly what they want on their wedding day.

Knowing exactly what your wedding couple wants most from you will help you connect with and book more of your ideal brides. So, how do you figure out what your ideal wedding couples want from you? It starts by digging deep and asking yourself:

What is your wedding couple’s core motivation for wanting to hire you?

When you start thinking about the core desire behind the product or service that you are providing for your couples, you can get clear on: 

  • How you can best serve your wedding couples
  • How you can answer your wedding couples pain points and the troubles that they might be having 
  • What your couples are ultimately trying to find from weddings professionals like you

Speaking directly to your wedding couple’s desire will help you stand out from your competitors because speaking to their emotional desire is what pushes them to make a buying decision. Here are a few examples to help you figure out your couple’s desire.

What brides actually want from a wedding florist  

If you own a wedding florist business, you might think that your wedding clients are looking for beautiful flowers. But really, what your couples are looking for is a lush, romantic setting for their wedding day, and the flowers help to make this possible. When it comes down to it, that is what your couples really want your wedding floristry business to deliver on their wedding day.

What brides really want from a wedding coordinator

If you’re a wedding coordinator, a bride will be very grateful for your experience and for taking the stress of wedding planning off of her hands. But what she’s buying from you is not your super organization skills. Instead, her motivation for hiring you is that she will be the rare bride who says, “oh my gosh, my whole wedding day was perfect and completely stress-free. I didn’t worry about anything. It was just all taken care of by my coordinator.” 

What brides really want from a wedding photographer.

Your couples are looking for beautiful pictures of their wedding day, of course, and that’s what you’re going to deliver because you’re a professional. But the real value you are providing for your couples is your knowledge and experience in capturing emotions, beauty, and magic. You are going to help your couples relive their wedding day, years after their special day.

The core desire behind the product or service you offer is what you want to communicate in your website content, emails, social media posts, and direct one-to-one consultations with your couples. 

Buying decisions are emotional decisions, especially when it comes to weddings. 

Knowing exactly what your wedding couples want most from you will make that buying decision so much easier and faster for them.

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Important Wedding Business Questions