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In the wedding business we see a lot of brides shopping around, trying to find the right business that is the right fit for them. Does that mean that the bride always picks the right business? Absolutely not. If you’ve been to enough weddings as a guest you are going to end up hearing everyone’s nightmare wedding stories which usually include one business that created a huge problem.

For instance, one friend of mine had the lovely experience of a DJ accidently dumping beer on the wedding cake, and then setting it on fire. So it’s not that the bride makes the right decisions, it usually comes down to the better businesses dropping the ball in one way or another.

According to an article by Dave Kurlan on his blog the main mistake that most businesses make has to do with stalled sales. You know, the ones where they contact you, you return their call and never hear from them again. First off, don’t drop the ball, if you don’t hear from them the first time try again. Keep the tone nice, but often the bride is just busy, and reminding them that you are there and want to help them is what will eventually land you the sale. Make sure to read the article by Dave for more tips. What do you think?

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