Being one person to all people is a great concept. However it doesn’t begin to deal with the fact that each person has many different sides. As a wedding entrepreneur you are going to find that you will be pulling out sides of yourself that you didn’t even know existed.


The real you is a combination of each side of yourself, but you will find it necessary to be one way to one client, and another way to someone else. It isn’t lying about who you are, it is delving into finding out who you are, and what sides of your personality needs to be prominent in each situation.

Rieva Lesonsky encourages entrepreneurs to embrace the different sides of themselves, and use it to their advantage. You can be “Mr. nice guy” to a client who loves you, and where things are going smoothly. On the other hand you need to play hardball with the client who is asking you to do something that you shouldn’t do. Be yourself, but use the sides of yourself to get the job done.

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