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What’s the first thing most brides and grooms are asking when they contact you these days? That’s right: HOW MUCH?

It’s unbelievably frustrating because they just don’t understand the value they’re getting. To make it worse, 90% or more of these inquiries are coming in by email which makes it even harder. If you at least had them on the phone, you’d have a fighting chance. But how do you explain your value in an email?

The bottom line is that you really CAN’T. You need to have a conversation. You need to send an email response that starts a conversation and begins a relationship in order to explain your value. When you do this right, you won’t even have to mention price.

Watch this video to learn our favorite technique for easily getting off price and moving the bride or groom towards the booking. We also have a little holiday style wedding marketing fun in the process…

Watch This Video to Learn How to Stop the Price Question:

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2 thoughts on “The Magic Question You Can Use with 90% of Leads to Stop the “Price Question” For Good!”

  1. Pier23 says:

    Great video and insight! I couldn’t agree more with everything in there. All things being equal, or at least appearing equal to the prospect, then they will automatically default to price. You definitely need to take every opportunity to showcase your value and these are great ideas to get started. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Jon says:

    As always guys – top stuff! BTW on the google video question I asked (youtube), it’s on the local regional searches that you get preference. I’m learning.

    If I don’t catch you before hand have a great Christmas.

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