bride walkingThe instant sale is a mythical thing. While it does happen now and again, most brides require hearing from you multiple times before they begin to seriously think about using your business. Once they’ve signed up to receive emails from you things get tricky as it is often then that brides ignore your emails.

The most important thing you have to incorporate in your email marketing is exciting information that continually builds a brides interest and motivates her to take action. According to the Litmus infographic posted by Corey Eridon there are quite a few reasons why a bride will lose interest and unsubscribe from your marketing emails. The main two things that trigger a bride to unsubscribe are when you send too many emails back to back, and when the information you send is repetitive and boring. Remember brides today are dealing with information overload. You only have a short time to grab her attention and hold it in an email, so make it exciting, fun, and packed with helpful information that she might not get anywhere else. What do you think? Do have you trouble with a high unsubscribe rate?

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