What’s the difference between a wedding business that attracts brides powerfully and effortlessly and one that hardly gets noticed at all?

trap vs attract

Most times it’s not the quality of service.  It’s not having top of the line equipment.  It’s not even the PRICE.

It’s the MESSAGE.

With the right message, you’ll instantly connect with your ideal brides.  The right message communicates your value, positions you as an expert and gets brides all emotional about working with you.

Without a powerful message, your business is invisible.  It’s nearly impossible to beat the competition and price shoppers are going to be your lot in life.

Your business simply must have an Irresistible Offer.

An Irresistible Offer is a Big Promise you make to your ideal bride that solves a specific problem she has or helps her get something she really wants.  It’s laser targeted so that it talks just to her and it immediately makes you stand out from the competition.

Jeff and I just released Video 2 of our Pre-Event celebration for our upcoming 6 Figure Wedding Business Summit explaining in detail what this powerful Irresistible Offer strategy is and how to use it for your business.

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Here’s what you’ll learn in Video 2, “The Irresistible Offer: What to Say to Attract Brides Like a Magnet…”

  • How to uncover the exact words to use to irresistibly attract ONLY the very best, ideal brides for you.
  • The 5 common mistakes that many wedding vendors make in their marketing message.
  • How to “speak the bride’s language” to communicate your value immediately.
  • The shocking truth about why appealing to more brides does NOT work.
  • How to create your own Irresistible Offer in 4 easy steps.

The Irresistible Offer is directly responsible for our own 6 Figure Success.  It’s so important that we want to share it with EVERYONE.

Take a few minutes to check it out here.  It will transform your wedding business! 

Wedding Pro Feedback on Video 1: The Automatic Expert Email System

Video 2 is the second installment of our 6 Figure Wedding Business Summit Pre-Event celebration. 

Last week we gave away “The Automatic Expert Email System” with Video 1.  Check out these RAVE reviews…

“I knew I could work this in order to build my business, but I wasn’t sure how. This report and email sequence
ties in so perfectly that it’s ridiculous!”

“Hi! Thank you soo so much for this idea. I’m always working my DJ business 24 / 7 and trying to come up with
ACTIVE ways to market to brides instead of passive and just wait for the lead. I’m sure this will help greatly.”

“It is something that I have wanted to do for some time now, just couldn’t really sit down and write the material.

“Seriously incredible information that you have shared here! Thank you…”

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What’s the Irresistible Offer for your wedding business?

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