ladies with booksI’ve come to realize that there are two types of marketers. Those who come up with an idea and throw money at it hoping it will work, and those who do their research before starting a marketing campaign and see good results. If you are having trouble seeing any results from your efforts in bridal marketing it is probably because you didn’t do enough research on the exact method and whether it would work for your market.

The reality is that different types of marketing work for different types of people and they work differently in different areas of the country. Of course there are general ways to market that typically work, but you still have to tweak it to your audience. For instance, bridal shows might work great in New York, but they are a complete waste of time and money in my area of Colorado.

When you come up with a new way to try and attract more bridal leads take the time to find out what people in your area are saying about that method. If it’s a new method of marketing that works great in other areas of the country and hasn’t been tried in your area then you should probably give it a go. On the other hand if you notice that there aren’t a lot of vendors at your local bridal show, take time to find out the typical attendance before jumping on the band wagon. Brian McGovern posts a great video by David Ogilvy on his website that was ahead of its time in pointing out the differences in marketing and the importance of research. What do you think?