women talkingThere has been so much focus on the fact that we live in the information age that many people have forgotten that the internet wasn’t formed to give people information, but rather to connect people. For a great article on the beginnings of the internet make sure to read the awesome article by J. Walker Smith.

Why does this matter to your wedding business you ask? Because when you realize that the internet is set up to connect people and help you build relationships it should change the way you view your website. Yes, people need information about your business, but the focus of your website needs to be to build that initial connection which is the foundation of a business relationship with a bride.

When you read your landing page remember that you are building a relationship with the bride who reads it. Does it have the ability to connect on a personal level, or does it read like an information pamphlet? Think about it. Often if a business has a cover page leading to their home page it will include the word “Welcome” or “Enter Here.” The idea of your home page is that you are welcoming a new person into your home or business. Yes, you need to include information on who you are and what you do, but make sure brides can relate to it. What do you think?

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