baby talking on phone

If you want to book sales with brides you probably already have utilized calls to action on your website. However, just because it’s a website that doesn’t mean that you should just have an email address where they can contact you. You need to remember that in the wedding field; almost more than any other field, the potential customers wants to speak to you personally.

Elan Mosbacher encourages businesses to make sure that they include their phone number on their site so potential leads can actually get in contact with you. The down side of not having that phone number on your site? You will be losing brides left and right. If you are a small one or two person business that doesn’t have the time to quickly answer or respond to phone calls, you might want to consider hiring someone to do that for you. While they may not be able to give the bride in depth details she will at least be able to speak to a live person right off and know that you will be calling her back.

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