Fabulous Wedding ReceptionHow many times do you follow up your wedding leads?

The very sad truth is that most wedding vendors follow up only once…and sometimes not at all!…and even that follow up happens more than 24 hours after the lead rolls in.

Want to boost your wedding bookings without adding any extra marketing or advertising expenses? Follow the 4 Golden Rules of Follow Up.

The 4 Golden Rules of Follow Up:

  1. Follow Up Fast.
  2. Follow Up Frequently.
  3. Follow Up With Multiple Methods.
  4. Follow Up Creatively.

Let’s look at these individually…

Golden Rule #1 – Follow Up Fast.

He who follows up the fastest gets the booking. It demonstrates professionalism, availability and reliability…all of which is very important to the bride.

Studies show that the best time to follow up is WITHIN 5 MINUTES. Waiting even one hour decreases your likelihood of contacting the bride or groom by 21 times.

Golden Rule #2 – Follow Up Frequently.

If you aren’t following up at least 5 times, you are missing out on 80% of your potential bookings!

This is because most sales are not made until the 5th to 12th contact. (Kellogg School of Management)

Golden Rule #3 – Follow Up With Multiple Methods.

Brides and grooms may ignore your email, or it may get stuck in spam.

But if you also follow up with a direct mail piece (that’s good for good old-fashioned snail mail), a friendly telephone call, and they see your ad on Facebook, there’s a good chance that at least ONE of those methods is going to reach them.

When you follow up in multiple mediums, each exposure makes an impression on the couple, and you increase the chances of a response exponentially.

Golden Rule #4 – Follow Up Creatively.

One of the biggest mistakes wedding vendors make with their follow up…besides not following up at all…is following up exactly like everyone else.

If you want the bride or groom to respond, your follow up must be:

  • Attention getting.
  • Interesting.
  • Include a compelling call to action that earns the response.

That’s right; you have to EARN a response. If you want the bride to actually respond to your feedback, you’ve got to give her a very good reason to contact you.

We’re sharing more of our most successful follow up strategies and tips in a series of new videos just for wedding businesses.

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4 thoughts on “The Four Golden Rules of Wedding Business Follow Up”

  1. Adam says:

    I completely agree with you. The follow up is such a powerful tool. I have a ton of vendors who get great leads and then let them go to waste. I try to explain to them that they have to follow up more than one time to seal the deal, but a lot of times they do not listen. I may need to share your 4 rules with them! Thanks for the post.

  2. Zoli says:

    Stephanie, thank you for the article and it’s is helpful!!
    I am very good when it comes to fllowup with my customers. I do book them after my 3rd free consultion. Whic to be honest with you is not good. I like to get them to sign my contract the on my first consultation. One good thing is that I know all the other wedding vendors who are close to me and I try to offer things they don’t have. I learn about my client first on my first consulation and I can pickup quickly how they want there wedding to be. My question to them is always what exactly they are looking for as far as design and choice of color . I always ask them to bring any picture they may have so I get the Idea of how they want there wedding to look like. I pick up from there and will show them right away what I can do to make it happen for them 🙂 my second consulation is with the exact design the I have in mind 3 to 4 days , if they can’t come to me I go to them most of the time. This is how I get my clients, I admit it’s not easy but I stay in touch with them by email and text messeging which most of my client don’t mind if I text them. I keep emailing them of how I am going to make it happen for them every day till the day of there wedding. I still need to learn alot for being in this industry and it’s really challenging for me and though at times 🙁 I love to get the Hotel contracts which has been really hard and I like to know what I am doing wrong 🙁

  3. http://www.TheCocktailConcierge.com
    I admit I have not been very good at my followup–I seem to thinkI am bothering them if I email more than one time.. Thanks so much for the work you do and what you share with us.

    1. Stephanie Padovani says:

      It’s a common challenge, Tanya. Glad this article was helpful!

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