Facebook Blue Flower

For some people Facebook marketing is easy. They seem to know all the basics and have great Facebook fan pages. The reality is that they either hired an expert to help them set everything up, or they have gone through a ton of training.

There is one mistake which a lot of small businesses make that ensures that their Facebook marketing efforts are pretty much pointless. It is quite simply setting up a Facebook page, and then rarely, if ever, doing anything with it. If you don’t have time to mess with a Facebook fan page, and can’t commit to at least 1 hour a week to update your status and interact with followers, then you shouldn’t have set up the page in the first place.

It is actually worse for your brand image to have a “dud” Facebook page, than it is to not have a Facebook presence. Make sure to read the article by Jen Williams for more basic Facebook fan page mistakes you should avoid. What do you think? Are you having trouble keeping up with your Facebook marketing?

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