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As a wedding vendor you are very used to scheduling in couples for consultations and meetings. But what about everything else that you do? Without a planned out schedule it’s incredibly easy to get off track from what needs done. The smaller your business is, the more critical it is that you prioritize what needs to be done and keep yourself on track. While larger companies have a larger work force to do things, and a wider margin for error, you as a solopreneur do not. But there is a lot more behind why you need a planned out schedule.

Keeping yourself on track is important, but when you are growing a wedding business it is important to have the ability to plan out what you need to do to become more successful. From there scheduling each move into your calendar helps ensure that your business is constantly moving forward rather than just stagnating. For a look into the day in the life of another entrepreneur check out this article by Lauren Drell and make sure to watch the video! What do you think? Are there some changes that you could make to your schedule that would help your business?

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