The first step to success is to set a goal. Where do you want to go with your business is the question that almost everyone will ask you. And they’re right. To move forward you have to set a goal so you know what direction to move in. The problem comes when that goal becomes all consuming.

Don’t let your goal of making a certain amount a month, or reaching a certain list size get in the way of who you are. After all who wants to deal with the salesman begging for a sale so they can make their goal? Or even worse a business that doesn’t care about the bride, only the sale.

According to Marshall Goldsmith’s great article this is exactly where focusing on goals can lead if you don’t keep yourself in check. Realize that there’s more to you and your business than forcing yourself to meet the goal not matter what you have to do to get there. Take time for your family and for caring about your brides and you will be able to meet your goals while still being happy and having a happy environment. What do you think?

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