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Confession: I am a selfish person.

Oh, sure, if you meet me face to face I will go to great lengths to help you, sharing whatever knowledge, connections and support I have to offer. I’m a chronic “over-deliverer” in my personal and professional life. But…

I work from home A LOT and most of the time my head is bent over my computer, either working on our own wedding business or helping another wedding vendor with theirs. Unfortunately, it can cause me to tune out from what’s happening around me and yes, selfishly get caught up in my own stuff.

I’m not thinking about giving.

And when I look at the outrageous taxes we pay here in NY, gas prices that keep soaring, expensive bills that keep coming in, it sometimes feel like I don’t have enough leftover to give.

I’m finally shaken out of my self-absorbed state when I look up and notice the suffering of someone else.

I have it so good. I have a home, a loving husband, a family, five ridiculous animals, a satisfying career that pays really well, vibrant health…

Not everyone has that.

Holidays That Give and Take

Last December, my friend and fellow wedding DJ and his family never finished decorating the Christmas tree. Their four year old daughter, Ava, was too weak to help. Something was horribly wrong. A visit to the hospital and the quick diagnosis: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia.

It’s a year later, and the battle isn’t over yet. Ava is fighting hard against the cancer and responding well to treatment. As her mother says, “Her strong personality won’t have it any other way!”

Ava’s Triumph

Ava is a living inspiration for other children and families fighting Leukemia and Lymphoma. This spunky, courageous little girl was chosen to be in the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s annual calendar. (Ava is the laughing, happy Miss December.)

So I bought a calendar. Every penny goes to helping these children continue to live, fight and inspire us all to be grateful for what we have.

I hope you’ll join me in purchasing this 2013 calendar to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. It’s a small gesture for us that can mean a lot to someone in great need.

Even if you choose not to purchase a calendar, find somewhere you can give. Find someone you can help.

All you have to do is lift your head, look around, and the opportunity will present itself.

Thank you, Ava, for reminding me that the little things, like decorating the holiday tree or buying a simple calendar, are the big things. Thank you for inspiring me to ask myself, With all the abundance happening in my life, don’t I have just a little bit to share?

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