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If you’ve ever wondered how on earth companies get good results using social media you aren’t alone. Seeing good results comes down to a couple of different things according to the article by Melissa Miller. Social media takes work, and therefore it takes time. Businesses that only spend an hour or less a week on social media are wasting their time. The only way to see good results is to commit the time and money into building a successful marketing campaign, and then keeping up with it. For a small business this means you should probably plan on spending at least 5 hours a week getting things set up and running.

Many people try to tell you that using social media is a free way to market your business. That simply isn’t true. Even though the main commitment is time that still is an important cost. The best way to get a successful social media campaign going is to block out a bare minimum of 5 hours a week, preferably 1 hour a day. Then spend that time setting up your page, posting, replying to those who post on your page, interacting, and setting up Facebook Ads (and as a side note here, $100 per month is going to waste your money. Go big or don’t use it). It isn’t impossible to make social media work for your wedding business, you just have to take it seriously and commit to it. What do you think?