running bride and groomIs your follow up driving brides away?

When we surveyed our wedding vendor friends and clients in preparation for the Automatic Expert System free video series, I was surprised at one of the popular questions that came in…

How often should I follow up without being “pushy?”

We all hate getting sold to, so why would we want to do that to someone else?

The Bad News

Many wedding vendors let the fear of being “pushy” keep them from following up the 5-12 times it takes to actually book the wedding. If you only take one thing from the articles and videos we’ve been sharing, take this…

Lack of follow up and poor follow up = Loss of money for your wedding business.

The Good News

You CAN follow up frequently without being “pushy” and driving brides away with a sales pitch. The answer is to quit selling and start helping instead.

When your goal is to book the wedding, you naturally put on your “sales” hat. You start giving a sales pitch, and that sales pitch is a turn off to brides and grooms. Yes, it’s “pushy.”

What you need to do is focus on HELPING the bride instead.

The goal of each interaction with the bride should be to leave her better off…even if she never books you.

The Automatic Expert System is built on this principle. You can follow up as many times as you want without being pushy as long as you’re helping her.

To accomplish this, make sure your follow up is 75% “give” (that’s the helping part) and 25% “take” (that’s the selling part.)

Even the selling part is subtle. It’s more like, “Want more help? Do this…” It’s that powerful call to action that leads them directly to the booking.

This is completely different than the way most wedding vendors follow up, and it’s much more effective. It’s what makes the Automatic Expert System so powerful.

Become the trusted expert and friend first through that automatic follow up. Then the selling part is completely natural. No “pushiness” required.

We’re sharing more of our most successful follow up strategies and tips in a series of new videos just for wedding businesses. Watch this video to learn more…

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