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I’d like to have a kick ass wedding business. Wouldn’t you?

Let’s define “kick ass” for the purposes of this article.

A Kick Ass wedding business:

  • Is financially thriving. This means making enough to not only pay the bills, but to have some fun, too.
  • Has regular, sustainable income. No more seasonal wedding “feast or famine;” this business has a regular stream of income each month.
  • Is known and referred by everyone…or at least it seems that way. These are the vendors couples hear about from a dozen different places, making them the #1 choice.

The best way to have a kick ass wedding business like this is to model the success of the businesses who are already making it happen. Makes sense, right?

That’s exactly what Jeff and I decided to do. We reverse-engineered the creation of the kick ass wedding business and came up with 8 things the most successful businesses have in common, the 8 secrets of wedding businesses who thrive in any economy.

The Kiss of Death

Let me tell you a story…

About six years ago, Jeff and I were sitting pretty with our wedding business. We had plenty of leads, our weekends were booked up with weddings, and things were looking good.

In our neck of the woods, there is a family who owns four different wedding venues. The owner, let’s call him Big Daddy, has a monopoly of sorts, and we were the top DJ referral for one of them. As a result, almost 50% of our weddings were booked at that single location.

One day, I decided to write Something. I’ve capitalized Something because it ended up being a really big deal. I published it on the internet and innocently shared it with all our wedding vendor friends.

Well, this Something I wrote got misinterpreted and misquoted by the gossips in our local wedding industry…until it finally got back to Big Daddy. It turns out Big Daddy has a quick temper, and he didn’t like what he heard about what I’d written very much.

Big Daddy forbid his staff to refer us ever, ever again.

As a result, our #1 referral source dried up just like that.

Fortunately, we had enough referral sources to book up our calendar for the next year. But if you only have one or two solid sources of leads, and one of them gets kicked out from under you, it can be the kiss of death for your business.

Kick Ass Secret #3

Secret #3 – Kick Ass Wedding Businesses have a constant stream of leads from multiple sources.

Ever hear that expression, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket?” This is never more true than when it comes to generating leads for your business.

Kick Ass Wedding Businesses have at least 5 solid sources of high-quality, targeted leads. This way, if something happens to one of them, it doesn’t kill their business. They’ll still have enough leads coming in that they can adjust and survive.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, like a photographer we know who gets nearly all her leads from another successful photography company. We keep warning her, “What happens if and when they stop sending you referrals? You have to find other sources of leads.” She’s a tragedy waiting to happen.

We learned the hard way not to depend on ONE source for our business survival. The more diverse you are, getting leads from the internet, advertising, multiple venues, social media, bridal shows and other vendor referrals, the more easily you can weather the inevitable changes in the economy.

This is just ONE of the EIGHT Secrets of the weddings businesses who thrive in any economy. Want to learn more?


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