Dead Man in a Mousetrap

I talk to wedding vendors almost every day.  They are my clients, my peers, and my friends.  Lately I’ve been searching for the answer to one thing…

What makes the difference between the wedding vendors who PROSPER during difficult economic times and the ones who SUFFER?

Jeff, full of compassion as he is, likes to say this is, “Darwin kicking in.”  In other words, it’s Survival of the Fittest where only the strong survive.

That answer just doesn’t cut it for me.  I had to go deeper, and we discovered something fascinating…

Success vs. Failure

When you analyze it, the difference between the wedding vendors who “get it” and the ones who don’t is pretty darn clear.

It turns out that the wedding vendors who prosper, the ones who “get it,” are doing some very specific things that position them for continued success, regardless of the economic condition.

And the wedding vendors who don’t “get it”…unfortunately, this is too many of them…are struggling because they AREN’T doing those things.

We’ve identified the 7 specific mistakes that can threaten your business, the 7 Deadly Mistakes of Wedding Businesses that leave you vulnerable to the uncertain economy in our brand new video.


If you’re ready for the truth…and not everyone is…we’ve created a test you can take to find out if you’re a Wedding Business THRIVER or a  VICTIM of the wedding economy.

Which one are you?

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Don’t freak out if you’re in victim territory.  Knowing you have a problem is the first step to fixing it!