Most wedding vendors agree that they ought to be using social media to market their wedding businesses. The problem is that most of us don’t know HOW to do it.The key to wedding business success

Check out this blog post to learn who Mashable readers identified as the top 5 businesses that excel in customer relations on social media. You can read the article here: “Best Social Media Customer Service” Finalists Discuss Their Success

Here are my takeaways…

4 Keys for Social Media Success

  1. Go where your customers are. Don’t jump into social media just because everyone else is doing it; do it because it’s where the brides are and meet them there.
  2. Go a step beyond customer service and deliver customer care. Really help your brides by reaching out to them before and after they hire you and authentically caring about them.
  3. Participate in and build a community. People want to go online for answers to questions and get help from other people like them. By being a part of this community you will win fans and customers.
  4. Use customer response as a measurement of your success. Are brides responding to your posts and comments? If not, do something different.

What have you learned from the social media success of others inside and outside the wedding business?

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