As I read through these words, I realized that these words are not only golden to work by, but to live by also!  Each and every one of these words can hold so much meaning depending on where you apply them.

Belief; Empowerment; Mistake; Promise; Patience.patience wallet

Those are just a few of the important words in business.  You swelled up with pride just reading those, didn’t you?!

So did I.

Belief in yourself and what you can accomplish.

The empowerment you feel to accomplish your goals no matter what.

The mistakes you learn from to make a stronger company.

The promise you make to yourself and your customers.

The patience it takes to accomplish your goals the RIGHT WAY.

See where I’m going with this?  Check out the rest of these words that could definitely be used in any business pep talk!

What words or phrases do you use to pump up??

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