We’re always warning brides about the consequences of not hiring a wedding professional.  mistake note

It’s pretty straight-forward: if you want an amazing wedding experience that goes smoothly with every little detail executed according to your vision, you need an experienced team of professionals to pull it off.

If a DIY bride thinks she can do everything herself and have a flawless wedding day experience, she is sorely mistaken.  Hiring an amateur or attempting to do it yourself when you aren’t skilled can have disastrous consequences at a wedding.

But what about us?  Are we taking our own advice?

Keith Malone over at the Wedding Marketing Blog exposes the two biggest mistakes wedding vendors make with their marketing.  Make sure you check out the article here:

Wedding Branding Is Everything 

Don’t get me wrong; I believe that as wedding vendors we should be empowered to run our own businesses and we certainly need to be educated about marketing.  But we don’t typically come by these marketing skills naturally.  Most wedding pros are really good at their trade…and kind of sucky when it comes to marketing.

Does it make sense to have DIY marketing for a professional business?

If you want your wedding business to attract your ideal clients and if you want to book them at higher prices, you NEED to have the essential elements Keith talks about.

When has paying a professional paid off for your wedding business?

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