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Question: How do I get bridal show leads to respond to my email?

“My name is Cynde I purchased your system last year as a wedding planner and it had amazing results – I was meeting and booking brides.

But now I recently purchased a wedding chapel and need your help.  I am applying your ‘Price shoppers’ email to inquiries that come directly to us; but I need help with cold emails.

We just recently participated in the Dallas Bridal Show and I want to make sure we reach as many brides as possible when they send us the lead-list.

Can you help me or send some sample emails?  I have signed up with constant contact and will be using this method to communicate.

Thank you for your help.”


Answer: Proceed with caution!  Don’t email anyone who isn’t expecting to hear from you.


Congrats on your new business!

The same principles of the Price Shopper Email that you’ve been using apply to cold leads, except you’ll need a different approach.  It’s very important to warm them up first.

The first hurdle…

These leads are NOT expecting to hear from you specifically.

Be very careful adding them to your automated email list unless they have specifically asked for you to email them.  These lead services have fine print when the bride registers explaining that they will be receiving email from vendors, but they don’t read it.

It’s very likely these brides will report you as spam if you email them.  

This can result in the following unhappy situations:

  • You’ll get banned from Constant Contact for sending emails without permission.  (Check their guidelines if you don’t believe me.)
  • You get tagged as “spam,” which means your emails end up the spam folder for everyone you email.
  • You can even get fined thousands of dollars for violating CAN-Spam laws.

If you simply must email bridal show leads, email ONCE inviting them to join your free tips email list; don’t add them automatically.

Once they ask to receive your emails, send them wedding resources and advice that will really help them, and include an invitation in each email to contact you.

This way you’ll be building a relationship and winning them over automatically through your emails.  When they’re ready to book, it’s much more likely that you will be the one they call.

The #1 mistake most wedding professionals make with automated email is adding people without their specific permission.

If the bride or groom has not specifically requested to be added to your email list, DON’T ADD THEM.

I can’t state this strongly enough!

Sending emails without permission does not create a trusting relationship with the couple.  It makes you look like a spammer and drives them away.  Read one bride’s revenge on the wedding vendors who emailed her after a bridal show to see exactly what I mean.

There are plenty of other ways to use those bridal show leads that will nurture good relationships with couples.

Learn more about What To Do With That Bridal Show Lead List and the tough answer to the question “Do Bridal Lead Lists Actually Work?” in these articles.

When you wait for permission before following up, it’s true that you’ll have fewer leads to follow up with.  But the quality will be much higher and you can stay out of the spam folder, which is vital for all the weddings you want to book in the future.

What do you do with your bridal show leads?

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