The Importance Of Article Marketing

You’ve probably run across the term “article marketing” as you’ve built your business. It is an amazing way to get your name, and the name of your business out there, and familiarize people with who you are without them having to go directly to your website or storefront to start with. Basically you are writing […]

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Are You Too Busy to Write?

Every writer hates to experience writers block, but for bloggers it is something that they deal with on an ongoing basis. Finding the time to come up with good ideas for creating content can be challenging for even the most experienced blogger. Chris Garrett states that “the philosophy is that you are only as good […]

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Writing Helps You Learn? Why yes, it does.

Pen and note

Ever wonder why you’ve always been told to “take notes” in a class?  Not type what they are saying or record onto a cassette? For most people, just hearing the written word isn’t enough.  Even typing it out isn’t enough to make you retain information.  But writing?  Absolutely. The time and effort it takes to […]

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