How to get Attention Through Personalization

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If you’ve been in the wedding business very long you have seen a recent change in weddings from being rather cookie cutter in how they are done, to nearly everything being personalized. This extends down to instant cameras with pictures of the bride and groom on them, and couples creating their own fonts for the inscription on the napkins. Couples

How To Embed Facebook Content Into Your Website

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Embedding content that you have written from your Twitter and Facebook accounts into your website is an often overlooked strategy that can help you not only build content in your blog or website, but it can also help drive and connect your clients to all of your online sites. Small Business Mavericks encourages people to check out SocialDitto. It allows

Strategy Before Tactics Saves You Money

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Every business has problems and typically we see the symptoms of the problem and try to do whatever we think necessary to fix the symptom. It’s called buying into tactics rather than setting a strategy in place that will help you avoid the problem in the first place. I love to bake, but I hate it when I start a

How To Stay In Sync With Changing Trends

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Wedding trends are changing as fast as you blink. The last thing any wedding business wants is to wake up one morning to find that all their advertising looks like it is ten years old. Keeping up with trends is crucial, and the determining factor of most wedding colors and styles is based on the fashion industry. An article by

Gmail’s New Weapon Against Email Overload: Smart Labels

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The larger your wedding business grows the more important it is that you have a quick system to sort, read and file your emails. After all, who wants to sort through 500 or more emails a day when a huge chunk of them are email notifications from social networks, and bulk mailings? You need to be able to quickly see

Things NOT to do on a Sales Call

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Sales calls sound so simple, like falling off a log. The thing is that you are building a business relationship with the potential client. Needless to say there are a lot of pitfalls along the way that need to be avoided to turn the lead into a client. Geoffrey James has a list of 20 things not to do on

How Unique Is Your Marketing Plan?

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Perhaps you have started mastering marketing for your wedding company, and perhaps not. However in marketing it is a great idea to take the initiative and start the next big thing rather than waiting around for a new band wagon to hop on at the same time as hundreds of thousands of other businesses. Does this mean you shouldn’t try

Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities

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You have a great website, an amazing newsletter set up, and Facebook and Twitter pages. But is this where social media ends? Actually, no it’s not. The whole purpose of using social media for your wedding business is to generate leads. For your Facebook fan page, you need to make sure it has a great landing page with a sign

How to Launch a Website in 3 Minutes

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If you don’t have a website yet for your wedding business you may be overwhelmed with the amount of time and money that usually goes into a web site. In the last few years companies have built companies and applications to help people who don’t have any programming skills build their own web sites easily. According to Scott Gerber founder

Money, Marriage and Three Legged Racing

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Money seems to be one of the main causes of strife amongst couples, and often it is simply due to the fact that they run their finances the same way that they run a three legged race. They assume they know what they are doing, they don’t talk about it, and they assume that it will all turn out beautifully.