How to Avoid “Idea Overload” at Wedding Conferences

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When I became a full-time wedding professional about 5 years ago, I discovered Book More Brides and, man, did I start studying! Since then I have attended wedding and marketing conferences (come see me speak about Pinterest marketing at this year’s Wedding MBA), taken classes with Book More Brides, and worked with a business coach. One of the most prominent things

Craptastic Bridal Show Marketing: 5 Lessons From Our Big Screw Up

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 It happened weeks ago, but I’ve been procrastinating about writing this article because frankly, I’m embarrassed.  Here’s how it went down… We presented at the Wedding MBA in Las Vegas (a fantastic experience, by the way, if you can go) and we were given an exhibition booth.  It’s a lot like a bridal show booth, except we’re set up to

3 Scary Truths About Being Yourself

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This message is for any wedding pro who’s afraid to go for what you REALLY want because of what people will think. Earlier this month, Jeff and I presented at the Wedding MBA before over 1,000 wedding professionals. It was by far the largest audience we’ve ever addressed in person. (Jeff’s thoughts just before going onstage: “Don’t throw up. Be

“Don’t Hire an Amateur For Your Wedding!”

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A bride called me the other day with this question, “Does your DJ service offer iPod rental? I don’t need a DJ or MC; we just want to pick out the music.” As much as it makes me want to scream in frustration, I honestly can’t blame her for asking. She doesn’t know the risks of DIY, not with wedding

90% of All Wedding Marketing Sucks

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This was the REAL title of Marc MacIntosh’s presentation at the Wedding MBA last week.  He eviscerated the crappy marketing and bad advertising practices that permeate the wedding industry.   Sometimes the truth hurts, but we can all learn from it.   “We all tell the bride about the importance of hiring a professional and the dangers of DIY.  And

3 Little Known Resources For Wedding Vendors – Q&A with the Wedding MBA

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Shannon Underwood is the speaker and profit coordinator for Wedding MBA. She helps to develop the topics, speakers, videography, as well as the conference. She’s a Jill of all trades! We asked her to share a bit of her expertise, and (lucky you!) she did! Let’s get started… What is the Wedding MBA? Wedding MBA is a series of educational