Small Business Smarts For 2011

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I’m a serious business blog junky so when I run across some great advice I pass it along. You might have noticed my regular harping about getting your act together for 2011.  Well, don’t expect me to let up!  The time is now..all signs show a lifting in the economy.  Don’t be left behind! Small […]

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What Do Brides Really Want From Us?

Sometimes trying to figure out what brides want is like learning to speak a foreign language.  Don’t they even know what they want? At this point I can predict pretty much exactly what couples will say when we ask them what they want from their entertainment.  “I’m not sure exactly.  I just want everyone to […]

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The Big Marketing Trends For 2011

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Social media is red hot.  In 2011 your going to see an even larger influence on the business world.  For those who have been sitting on the sidelines or have been casually dabbling on Facebook, its time to engage.  Your participation in the social web will only increase your ability to succeed. Find out more […]

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The 2 Common Marketing Mistakes Wedding Professionals Make That Can Kill Your Business

We’re always warning brides about the consequences of not hiring a wedding professional.  It’s pretty straight-forward: if you want an amazing wedding experience that goes smoothly with every little detail executed according to your vision, you need an experienced team of professionals to pull it off. If a DIY bride thinks she can do everything […]

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Letting Clients See The Real You

Do you let your clients see the real you?  Allowing your personality to come through in your marketing can be very powerful.  Especially if can weave your story into your message.  Customers want to do business with someone they can relate to. Use your own stories to help achieve this connection.

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