Social Media and Weddings

Nikon camera

There is no question that a lot of people love social media. That said some people love it a bit too much. So how do you reach these people, and market wedding ideas to them that mesh with the fact that they may be spending hours a day online?  Amy-Mae Elliott recommends mixing it up […]

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How Effective Are QR Codes?

QR code

If you haven’t heard about QR codes, you have probably seen them around. They are gaining popularity, and are no longer being used just to track vehicle parts. So what are these codes for? They are used to store information such as a url, contact information, hidden text, or basically any type of encoded information […]

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Cracked Eggs and Marketing

laughing lady

It cannot be stressed enough that good service and happy customers go hand in hand in the wedding business. But what really makes the difference is the little details that you do, going over and above what “has” to be done. For instance: Tim Bursch talks in his blog about the difference in grocery stores […]

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