How To Deal With Discouragement When Things Go Wrong

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  Keeping a positive outlook on your business can be tough at times. When thing after thing goes wrong keeping upbeat seems impossible. But as Josh Spaulding points out on his blog, being positive is the very thing that keeps you on track to building a successful wedding business. Discouragement is something that everyone battles. The thing is to realize

How To Deal With Fear To Build A Successful Business

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  Fear is the great equalizer. It is what keeps you from building a successful business and reaching the top. This is something that history has shown over and over. If you control people through fear, no one will challenge you. Now we aren’t talking about taking over the world here, but when you build a business you are creating

How Money You Make Can Make You Happy

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  You are focusing right now on building your wedding business which most likely has an end goal about making x amount of money. It is easy to get so caught up with that goal that you don’t take the time to think of what you will do with that money once you have it. Are you planning on taking

Why Being Optimistic Is Crucial For Success

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It ends up that finding success in your business is a little more complex than just doing all the right things. Even when you do the right things you are going to find yourself dealing with roadblocks, opposition and problems. The road through that to the other side and success requires you to be able to hold on to the

Why You Should Have A Yearly Check Up On Your Business

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How is your business doing? Is it going well, and you’re making progress, or are you still really struggling in a lot of areas? These are questions that you should make sure you ask yourself each year, re-evaluating where you are, where the problems are, and what needs improvement. A couple of things that help you get unstuck and get

The Difference Between Activity And Progress

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People seem to always be in a flurry of activity now days. We run from one activity to another while hardly taking time to breath in between each activity. Does this mean we are getting a lot done? According to Dave Brock’s blog “Partners In Excellence” the answer is no. Your wedding business needs to see progress in order to

The Yoga of Small Business Marketing

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If you are like me I deal with a huge amount of stress. As a result I’ve gotten into doing some Yoga to calm down and get re-energized for what I have to do. So why does yoga help with calming you down? Well essentially yoga means to unify, and if you are unified then you are calm. Unity in