How To Avoid Your Wedding Business Past Biting You From Behind

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If you don’t want your wedding business past to come up and bite you from behind then it’s best to avoid the mistakes that create that kind of past. Cast in point; don’t post anything on your website or on social media sites when you are drunk. Remember that once something is online, it stays online. It doesn’t matter who

How To Make Wedding Business Networking Successful

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Networking events can be tough, whether you go to one outside your industry or are just mixing at a bridal show. Patricia Fletcher points out that you don’t have to be an extrovert to make them work well for you, you just have to be prepared. Think it through. Why are you trying to network in the first place? Do

How To Avoid Spammers On Facebook And Still Network

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  Wedding business networking on Facebook is great, but it comes with its own set of problems. Of course you want to be connected with other business professionals, and sometimes even some of your favorite clients. So how can you tell right off the bat whether someone that just friended you is a real person who is trying to network,

Why You Need To Use LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has been skimmed over a lot recently by marketers. It isn’t that they don’t use it or think it’s important. Actually the opposite is true. They almost automatically assume than anyone involved in online marketing, let alone regular business people, are going to be already using LinkedIn. So what exactly does it do for you? Well, it isn’t where

How To Do Effective Business Networking

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Business networking can be fun, but it isn’t something that you do to just get to know the other professionals in your field. Good business networking is a mixture of building relationships and doing it in a way that will encourage sales either from those you network with, or from them giving out recommendations for your business. One of the

4 Tips for Money-Making Networking Relationships

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We know we’re supposed to be networking and building relationships in order to grow our wedding business.  But are we doing it? It’s really easy to get caught up in the everyday activities of running our business and the urgent (but likely unimportant) phone calls, emails and busy work.  But if we aren’t networking, we’re missing an essential element of

How Your Biggest Competition is Your Best Friend

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Do you hate your competition? I remember feeling scared the first time I went to a local wedding professionals’ networking meeting.  All my biggest competitors were RIGHT THERE. What if I accidentally gave away one of my secrets?  Would they steal my ideas? But networking with our direct competitors has been responsible for generating thousands of dollars of revenue for