Hey, Wedding Pro! Want to Retire Rich?

Hey Wedding Pros! Want to Retire Rich?

Okay, stop! Pause. Breathe. Quit running around your wedding business for two seconds and say one word with me. “Retirement.” That doesn’t calm you down, either, does it? Ugh, sorry. You’ll be searching for your ginkgo biloba and reading glasses before you know it. To be honest, retirement savings is one of my favorite topics […]

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Trending Now: Taco Bell Weddings

The Wedding Stringer presents Trending Now, Taco Bell Weddings

It doesn’t take long for wedding pros to be in the business to know some couples really thrive on kitsch and irony. Such hipsters are not difficult to spot. The men in such couples will likely be sporting a handlebar mustache. The women will perhaps be wearing kitty-cat glasses. They both will be drinking PBR. […]

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