Making Your Blog Work For You

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Blogging seems to be something that nearly everyone has done at some point. However the difference between playing with a personal blog and creating a successful blog for your wedding business is major. The key to making it work is in the extreme basics and small details. First of all Abby Larson of Style Me Pretty stresses the importance of

Making your Wedding Business Blog Work

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                    While websites and social media are good they aren’t the end all according to Allison Midori Reilly in her article. A business blog is an imperative part of online marketing which fits into its own niche. You can communicate so much more in a blog post than in a Tweet,

How To Use Google Analytics In Your Blog

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Keeping track of your stats for your wedding blog can be extremely helpful for knowing if you are reaching your audience. However there are a few things you may want to consider to make your time spent looking at Google Analytics worthwhile.                   Scott Cowley of recommends that the first thing

A Quick, Practical, Business Plan for a Blog

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Building a wedding blog for your business is all about strategy and planning. But that doesn’t mean that it has to be hard! Tim Berry sums up Kelly Watson’s blogging business plan in his article on the subject, breaking it down into 6 steps. To keep it short it breaks down into: The big picture, Competition, Content, Structure, Budget, and

How to Create a Stand-Out Wedding Blog

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Blogging is probably one of the most important ways to get your name out there today in the wedding industry. Blogs also make up a large chunk of the material that people read online every single day. As a result Onibalusi Bamidele from YoungPrePro explains that it is crucial to make sure that you are avoiding the main mistakes that

Make Your Blog More Successful!

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Everyone who has a blog out there wants their blog to be read; they want to share that information with someone.  Who wants to spend all this time researching and writing and sharing for it to just disappear out into cyberspace to never be seen again?  Well…no one! Usually the aim of a blog is to make money…one way or

Not Blogging Yet? Why You’ll Be Left Behind

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Hubspot Marketing Studies 2010 Hubspot recently released the results of its studies on Blogging, Facebook and Twitter marketing for 2010 in a series of highly revealing graphs and charts. You can check them out here: 101 Marketing Charts and Graphs It’s fascinating to pour through this data…at least if you’re a geek, like me.  Here are some highlights that jumped

5 Blog Topics You Can Write To Attract Brides Today

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It’s not enough just to have a wedding blog. Too many wedding professionals finally get around to starting one and end up with a single lonely, rather pathetic blog post that says something like, “Wow!  My first blog post…” or make a myriad of other mistakes that make all the effort of blogging practically worthless. (Check out my blog post

10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Wedding Blog

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I spoke to a wedding vendor the other day who just wrote his first blog post.  Hurrah! Sure, he was a little late jumping on the blogging band wagon, but he got started.  The trick will be…can he keep it going? The best way to stay excited about blogging is to see results: more website traffic, more  leads and more

3 Simple Tips for Making Your Wedding Blog Stand Out

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Admittedly, many wedding professionals were a little late getting started with a wedding blog.  But by now, every time you turn around a new one pops up. Seems like everyone everywhere has a blog. So in this sea of wedding blogs, how do you make yours stand out? Liene of Think Splendid Communications gives the 3 killer tips for making