Featured Wedding Superhero: Ron Gallagher, Celebrant

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Ron Gallagher is an Australian celebrant (aka officiant) and former magician at Your Celebrant. His tagline: “I do not just talk about Magical Moments – I create them.” I first met Ron at the Wedding MBA in 2014 where he and his business partner, Geoff, entertained us with their antics. Since then, Ron has proven himself a formidable presence in

4 Creative Bridal Show Strategies

If you go to a wedding show and do simply do what everyone else does, you’re not going to stand out. That’s how you blend in. That kind of defeats the purpose, right? WARNING: if you really want to get noticed, it means being different. It means taking a chance on something that might not work and it feels risky.

Social Media at Weddings: Yay or No Way?

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When we started our wedding business sixteen years ago, there was no such thing as Facebook, YouTube or Instagram. Pro cameras were expensive, and we watched weddings with our eyes, not through the lens of a smart phone. But today’s Millennial couples increasingly want digital proof of their weddings’ awesomeness. There’s an opportunity for wedding professionals to facilitate that desire

Featured Wedding Superhero: Brandon Morgan, Videographer

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Brandon Morgan of And Ever Films specializes in capturing cinematic stories of his clients’ wedding days. He’s also a doer. Give him a suggestion to improve his website and it’s done the next day. Challenge him to implement a strategy, and he’s on it. This is just a part of what makes Brandon a Wedding Superhero. I learned more through

The #1 Trend @ Social Media Marketing World: Live Video

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Vine? Yes. Blab? Yes. Periscope? Yes. Facebook Live? Yes! Snapchat? YES!!! 2016 is the Year of Live Video Each and every one of us who attended the Social Media Marketing World conference last month in San Diego was bombarded with the exploding trend of live video. Huge themes throughout the conference were human to human marketing and authenticity. So, for

5 Tips for Creating Viral Content

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By Kelly Rice Viral content has become today’s marketing Holy Grail.  Everyone wants content that creates a buzz, captures the imagination and – most importantly – gets people talking. After all, viral content is the best form of free marketing since your readers do the work for you. But how can your content compete in a field where so many

5 Reasons to Do Video Marketing For Your Wedding Business

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Video is one of the most powerful and underused marketing tools for your business. The results of our own surveys as well as other more scientific studies reported online reveal the truth: most of your customers prefer video to any other medium. Still not convinced?  Check out these compelling reasons why you should be using video. 1.  Video helps more

LinkedIn Publishes Video Series for Small Business Owners

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If you want to learn how to effectively use LinkedIn for your wedding business John Paul Titlow reports that LinkedIn has produced a series of videos called “LinkedIn’s Timeless Guide to Small Business Success.” The series is staged with a cool retro look and feel for the sake of keeping people interested with the continuing ability to understand what is