3 Ways to Explain Your Value to Price Obsessed Couples

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One of the most common questions we get from wedding professionals year over year is the same loaded question: How do I explain my value? This question can lead to a lot of anxiety and missteps for new wedding pros. Heck, even veterans in the industry struggle with it. If you missed it, go check out the recent conversation in

3 Things Engaged Couples Consider When Choosing Vendors and It’s NOT Price…

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This is a sponsored post. By Christine Dyer, Bridal Tweet We are usually quick to assume that price is the main factor for engaged couples as they plan their wedding. Yes, price is important but there are other factors that are just as influential. I personally believe that these three values can also help all of us to understand what

Double Your Income In 30 Days — Ethically and Responsibly — With Mindset

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By Eathan Janney Mindset is everything. Even the most successful entrepreneurs in the world can add significant percentages to their income through subtle mindset shifts. In the next few posts we’re going to highlight mindset shifts that will make you more money using ethical and responsible tactics and strategies that embody your natural desire to be a caring human. You

How I Stopped Price Haggling

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Like most wedding professionals, I have experimented with a ton of different prices and package options over the years. A lot of times it felt like throwing options up in the air and seeing what stuck. You have to start somewhere, right? It’s a process of trial and error for sure, but after each new add-on, upgrade, and rate I

Featured Wedding Superhero: Brandon Morgan, Videographer

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Brandon Morgan of And Ever Films specializes in capturing cinematic stories of his clients’ wedding days. He’s also a doer. Give him a suggestion to improve his website and it’s done the next day. Challenge him to implement a strategy, and he’s on it. This is just a part of what makes Brandon a Wedding Superhero. I learned more through

How Do You Learn to “Own” Your Price?

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There’s nothing more terrifying that quoting your price to a bride or groom when you don’t fully believe it. The lump in the throat, the knot in the stomach, the shaky knees of INSECURITY. We’ve all been there, especially right after rolling out a new price increase. If you don’t believe you’re worth the price, no one will. So how

How Can I Compete With Undercutting Competition?

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“I am thinking about that belief about how my competition devalues my services, and want to overcome it and convince brides that I am worth the extra money. Since I’ve started my group, I have gotten some church gigs, a couple of gigs playing for nursing homes, a tree lighting, and 1 wedding. When I get leads, I often come

How to Communicate Your Value

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It’s a question we hear from a lot of wedding pros: “How can I prove my value to prospective clients who only seem to care about price?”  You know you are great at what you do, but how do you convince them that you’re worth it? Communicating the value of what you have to offer can be tricky; but the

Why Your “Reasonable” Price Can Cost You Business

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This email came in from one of the wedding superheroes in our Book More Brides community.  If you’re ready for a dose of inspiration and a little kick in the bum to encourage you to go for the price you really deserve, keep reading. This made my day! Stephanie, I have to say the wedding tip of Why You Need

How to Stop Getting Taken Advantage Of By Cheap Brides

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Question: Couples take my free advice and then book someone else. What am I doing wrong? Hi There You Two Superstars, You really are amazingly smart marketers. I have a question that has been bothering me for such a long time and I have not been able to find a solution. I have run into this again just recently, and