How to Grow Your New Wedding Business

Getting started in the wedding industry sounds easy and like something that will let you play around in something that you love. However, just like anything else, it is still a business and requires the same strategies as any other business to make it successful. Business ihub talks about the importance of getting the right […]

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Figuring Out Time Management

stressed lady

Time management in a wedding business is probably close to the number one most important thing you need to figure out to make your business successful. Obviously that means making lists of what you have to do and working your way through it. My life is run by lists, but that isn’t just where it […]

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6 Ways to Keep the Money You Make

money roll

I know of more than one business that has a concept or product that is so rare and so needed, that if done right…well, their business could EXPLODE.  We’re talking Fortune 500 here. Sales can be in place and booming.  Your product could be flying off the shelves.  Your phone could be ringing off the […]

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Get Your Vision Going NOW!

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We’ve all been there.  We get excited about the prospect of being able to do something only to hold ourselves back for one reason or another.  Or we’ve allowed someone else to diminish how we feel or what we want. I’ve done it.  I know you’ve done it.   Why are we our own worst […]

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