13 Things Poor Wedding Pros Say That Rich Ones Don’t

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Last week Jeff and I stayed at a gorgeous, high end hotel.  It had all the amenities you’d expect and then some, including valet parking. We figured we didn’t NEED someone to valet our car back and forth to the parking lot since both of us are fit and healthy.  The walk in the 108 degree Arizona heat would do

Jeff’s Guide to Getting the Girl

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Ever hear the saying, “Have a plan or plan to fail?” Man, I’ve lived that theory out big time.  Being a dedicated creative, spontaneous humanoid, I drive my wife crazy with my rather constant ricocheting from task to task. “Damn it, I’m a highly effective multi tasker!”  Yeah, even I don’t buy that bullshit. Even with this untethered side of

What the Wealthiest Wedding Photographers Know That You Don’t

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The most successful wedding photographers are doing something that the poor photographers aren’t.  We’ve been digging deep into the minds and business models of 6 Figure photographers in preparation for our upcoming 6 Figure Wedding Photographer Summit, a 7 day free event just for wedding photographers. At first, it was confusing.  One photographer does gorgeous work, his clients love him. 

Why Your “Reasonable” Price Can Cost You Business

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This email came in from one of the wedding superheroes in our Book More Brides community.  If you’re ready for a dose of inspiration and a little kick in the bum to encourage you to go for the price you really deserve, keep reading. This made my day! Stephanie, I have to say the wedding tip of Why You Need

5 Wedding Pro Secrets For More Leads, More Fans and More Bookings

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We’ve been working with some of our Book More Brides students one on one, and we’ve been thrilled with the way they’ve implemented what they’ve learned for their own wedding businesses and the results they’ve gotten. Would you like a learn a few of their secrets?  Come on, you know you wanna… How to Answer the “How much?” Question When

3 Wedding Pro Tips for a Rockin’ Business

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We recently surveyed the wedding pro friends of Book More Brides to learn their best wedding planning tip to share with brides and grooms.  A few of them sent strategies for wedding vendors instead. While that wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, these tips were WAY too good to pass up!  Check out these awesome tips from the wedding