How To Post Wisely with Social Media

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                Social media sounds like it should be a safe place where you can vent your opinions and not get in trouble for it. Well, regardless of how it sounds it just isn’t true. You may have a tiny bit more freedom when it comes to your personal profiles, the rules to social

How To Make Business Personal

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Social network has opened the door to giving that personal touch that brides have been looking for in the wedding vendors that they choose to work with. Catherine posted on WeddingWire Pros that according to Gary Vanderchuk they don’t just want to hear about the brand, they want to know that your company is human. Don’t just post updates. Find

How To Add Social Sharing Buttons to Your Website

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Interacting with your clients via your blog or website is an important way of building a relationship with potential clients for your wedding business. Not everyone wants to talk with you, but by having a social sharing button on your articles you are encouraging interaction in a way that makes everyone feel safe. Adding options for social network sharing buttons

Is Your Brand Too Integrated With Social Media?

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Social media is one of the major tools that a wedding company can use to promote their business. It is crucial to have a strong social media presence. However, if you can’t keep up with it all it may mean that you have overdone yourself and need to reevaluate and take a step back for a bit. There are a

Missed Social Media Lead Generation Opportunities

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You have a great website, an amazing newsletter set up, and Facebook and Twitter pages. But is this where social media ends? Actually, no it’s not. The whole purpose of using social media for your wedding business is to generate leads. For your Facebook fan page, you need to make sure it has a great landing page with a sign

Social Media At Weddings

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In a world that is constantly changing we have created ways to keep up with each other through social media. However there is the question about how it fits in a wedding in a way that keeps everyone in the loop. Check out the blog by Amy-Mae Elliott on Mashable about social media and weddings! Remember the trend to run

The Time to Tweet, and How To Do It ‘Just Right’

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This kind of goes a long with the blog I posted the other day about social media in your everyday life and also your wedding.  I just keep finding good blogs on this subject! Obviously this subject is going to be pretty common nowadays as roughly 70% of the nation keeps in touch with each other via social media on