Effectively Marketing to Today’s Bride

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When you think of what brides were like 30 or so years ago and then compare them to the brides of today there are some major definable differences. One of the first things that stands out is how they shop for their wedding. It used to be that brides would go window shopping and plan their weddings based on the

Just Because Brides Aren’t Buying High End Services Doesn’t Mean They Won’t

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Sometimes it is hard to figure out what it is that makes a bride choose one business over another. On an even closer to home front, it can also be hard to figure out why brides repeatedly pick one package deal over another within the same business. When you see a trend in the way that bride’s buy from you

How To Help A Bride Get What She Really Wants

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Choices. Every bride is faced with a million choices and let’s face it, she really doesn’t know what to do with all of them. She wants a beautiful wedding and so assumes that she wants all the bells and whistles. In reality however she couldn’t afford the bells and whistles and probably doesn’t even need them. So how do you

Why Your Wedding Business Has To Give A Bride What She Needs

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  The best marketing tactics don’t come from the perspective of “let’s sell brides something” but rather from the business asking themselves “what do brides really need.” Whether the bride knows that she has a problem that needs solved doesn’t matter, as long as she truly does need your solution. Let’s think about it for a minute. Before cameras were

How To Sell MORE To Brides

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If you want to sell more products and services to your clients, you’ve got to learn how to trigger your client’s buying response. The thing most of us don’t realize is that buying is always EMOTIONAL. Think about the last time you made a big purchase.  A car, a house, a wedding ring.  What drove you to part with that

Are You Selling Complicated to Brides?

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Ever notice how neurotic brides can be? Yeah.  So you’ve noticed. In most cases, they’ve been dreaming about their wedding day for years, and the day is all too swiftly arriving.  They’re full of hope for the future and fear that they’re going to mess it up. What Brides Really Need In this highly emotional state, decision-making, always a painful