How to Grow Your Wedding Business With Google (For Free)

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Recently we suggested some simple changes to a client that resulted in Page 1 visibility on Google and more website leads OVERNIGHT. It took her about 10 minutes to do. It was so simple! Even I was surprised at the results. What was it? Google My Business. A Google My Business listing is a great way we know how to

3 Tips For Dealing With Ungrateful Couples Who Don’t Appreciate You

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It sucks to be left out. Last week a wedding professional vented in our Facebook group about how she threw herself into delivering for a client whose wedding was published. The article listed every business associated with the wedding…except for her. What gives?!?! We work hard and we want to be recognized for it. It’s happened to me. I love

Featured Wedding Superhero: Ron Gallagher, Celebrant

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Ron Gallagher is an Australian celebrant (aka officiant) and former magician at Your Celebrant. His tagline: “I do not just talk about Magical Moments – I create them.” I first met Ron at the Wedding MBA in 2014 where he and his business partner, Geoff, entertained us with their antics. Since then, Ron has proven himself a formidable presence in

Wedding Industry Roundup: Planning, Millennial Marketing and SEO

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All Things Weddings: 18 Things I Wish I Could Have Told My Wedding Planning Self– Wedding vendors take note: Make sure that your couples read this while you’re helping them plan their ‘I do’s’. Don’t Tell The Bride, But Grooms Are Big Business– Move over ladies… more and more grooms are getting into planning weddings their weddings as well! Learn

WeddingWire vs. The Knot Advertising

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Don’t spend your precious advertising dollars until you read this! WeddingWire and The Knot are the two most prominent sites for wedding advertising in the US.  They’re often put head to head with this question, “Which is better?” Both sites offer free listings, reviews, educational events for wedding pros and wedding planning resources for couples. We’ll focus on their distinguishing

How NOT to Handle a Negative Review

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In the wedding industry emotions can run high for both clients and vendors. Even if you are putting forward your best work a time may come when you encounter negative comments about your wedding business, whether in an online review or through social media. While this can be frustrating, it might surprise you to know that many prospective clients won’t

3 Scary Truths About Being Yourself

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This message is for any wedding pro who’s afraid to go for what you REALLY want because of what people will think. Earlier this month, Jeff and I presented at the Wedding MBA before over 1,000 wedding professionals. It was by far the largest audience we’ve ever addressed in person. (Jeff’s thoughts just before going onstage: “Don’t throw up. Be

“Must Have” Review Listing Sites For Maximum Wedding Leads

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Question: How do I get as many reviews as possible when I don’t have many clients? “Hi Stephanie and Jeff, I have a question.  I am just starting my wedding music business and today received my first testimonial from a happy client.  She asked me if I wanted her to write an online review. My question is, what are the

“Help! My Unhappy Bride Is Leaving a Bad Review”

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Question: How can I hide a bad review? “I just had an issue with a bride who was not happy with my work. The wedding was super low budget but I took it any way and of course she is the one bride who had a complaint. I didn’t shoot enough details. The wedding was late and basically a cluster,

3 Steps to Stand Out, Get Leads and Get Booked in a Saturated Market

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Question: How can I book weddings without testimonials or photos of my events? Dear Stephanie, I have question for you. I am a wedding planner in Galveston Texas area and I start my business back in 2009 when it didn’t take off like I wanted to I left it alone until last year. In my area it’s hard to get