11 Questions That Can Change Your Life

I just got slapped in the face today. Not literally. I mean the wake-up-and-face-reality-Steph type of slap. I’ve been working, dreaming and scheming very hard about creating something unbelievably awesome with our business, but I’ve been going about it all WRONG. I have a few trusted advisors (mastermind members, coaches, mentors) who I turn to […]

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How to Get More Done by Taking a Break

By Megan Miranda I know what you’re thinking, entrepreneurs don’t have time for breaks! These days, people equate taking a 15 minute break to being lazy. While you may cringe and the idea and think it is counter-intuitive, taking regular breaks from your work can actually make you more productive. Think of your brain as […]

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How Do I Get It All Done?

achievement on time

Question:  “How do I divide the time I spend on each part of my business to be most effective and least wasteful of said time? I need to be more efficient. I feel like between blogging, web design, email management, client meetings, shooting, and editing, SEO, building relationships with vendors, getting publications… how can I […]

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