4 Tips For Booking Budget Shoppers Without Selling Out

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By Mika R. I’m a couple of years into my own wedding business and the type of inquiries I now get are quite different to the ones I was fielding in the early days. When I was starting out, almost every inquiry came from a “price shopper.” They had found me through Google ads, while shopping around online for a

How I Stopped Price Haggling

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Like most wedding professionals, I have experimented with a ton of different prices and package options over the years. A lot of times it felt like throwing options up in the air and seeing what stuck. You have to start somewhere, right? It’s a process of trial and error for sure, but after each new add-on, upgrade, and rate I

How Do You Learn to “Own” Your Price?

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There’s nothing more terrifying that quoting your price to a bride or groom when you don’t fully believe it. The lump in the throat, the knot in the stomach, the shaky knees of INSECURITY. We’ve all been there, especially right after rolling out a new price increase. If you don’t believe you’re worth the price, no one will. So how

3 Reasons the Bride Says “Yes” to Paying More

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I’ll never forget the thoughts I had at the first bridal show I attended: excitement mixed with trepidation with a huge smattering of cynicism. As I was meandering through the different rooms, I came across a limo company that was going on about how they provide a red carpet walk-up to the limo and champagne for the couple. They had

Featured Wedding Superhero: Edna Eudave, Photographer

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Edna Eudave of Square Eye Photography is force. She empowers her clients to be themselves with bold, fearless wedding photography, and generously shares her passion and experience with other wedding professionals. I interviewed this superhero to learn the secrets of her success. Here’s what she has to say: Superpower: Authentic Connector & Referral Magnet I connect with people. I LOVE

Are You Caught in These Self-Sabotaging Mind Traps?

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By: G.E. Masana (Though this article’s geared to wedding photographers, the principles revealed here apply to us all. You’re a smart cookie, so you’ll see how it applies to what you do too.) Not too long ago I published a manual detailing my wedding photography system for creating large after-wedding in-person sales using album pre-designs. As the manual circulated around

3 Price Lessons From a $250 Pair of Shoes

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It’s 60 minutes before our presentation for the National Association For Catering and Events when the unthinkable happens: My sandal breaks. Not just any sandals, the only pair of shoes I have with me that matches my dress. Irreparably broken. No tape or safety pin can rescue me. I have no choice but to buy a new pair of shoes,

5 Ways Packages Increase Your Bookings and Profits

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By Adrienne Woolsey Ever meet with a potential client, spend a bunch of time writing up a unique estimate for them, only to find out that in the meantime they booked with a competitor? Your time is valuable, and you know your worth, but in a saturated wedding vendor market, how do you prove that to prospective couples? If you

How to Book a Client at the First Meeting

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The first time you met with prospective clients you were probably nervous and sweaty. As a seasoned wedding professional, your meetings likely go more smoothly now. If not, or if you’re unable to book clients at the first meeting, follow these tips to improve your skills. You should feel comfortable and confident, signing contracts with clients at the first meeting.

The Couple Doesn’t Have a Budget. Should I Offer a Discount?

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“Help! I love your columns and website – you are a godsend for our profession! I have a very unique situation that came up today and I would LOVE to ask for your guidance. I am a wedding planner new to the area. Yesterday I met with potential clients for two hours about procuring my day of coordination service. I