3 Gifts For A Happy Wedding Business

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Sometimes I treat my business like an old work horse. When things are going well, I keep pushing her. “C’mon, Bessie! Go, go, go!” When things aren’t going so well, I curse and swear and threaten to turn her in for a new model. In the toughest moments and the busiest times, it’s important to come back to GRATITUDE. Having

The Messy, Waxy Lies of Sales

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I got my legs professionally waxed this week. (You’re welcome for the visual OUCH.) Something interesting happened: I walked in planning to spend about $150 and ending up with a bill of $219.80. Was I ripped off? Brainwashed into overspending? Confused by the inhalation of perfumes and tonics? Nope. I was HAPPY about it. I feel good about myself and

Pricing psychology: Tricks so brides can’t say “no!”

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Pricing psychology is not a new phenomenon. In fact, even if you look at the words “pricing psychology” or “strategic pricing,” you intuitively know what it means. Overall, it’s a tactic that takes advantage of customers’ emotional responses to certain price points. Since you’re in the wedding business, you’ve seen more than one emotional response, right? (Has a bride cried

3 Things Engaged Couples Consider When Choosing Vendors and It’s NOT Price…

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This is a sponsored post. By Christine Dyer, Bridal Tweet We are usually quick to assume that price is the main factor for engaged couples as they plan their wedding. Yes, price is important but there are other factors that are just as influential. I personally believe that these three values can also help all of us to understand what

How I Stopped Price Haggling

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Like most wedding professionals, I have experimented with a ton of different prices and package options over the years. A lot of times it felt like throwing options up in the air and seeing what stuck. You have to start somewhere, right? It’s a process of trial and error for sure, but after each new add-on, upgrade, and rate I

Featured Wedding Superhero: Brandon Morgan, Videographer

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Brandon Morgan of And Ever Films specializes in capturing cinematic stories of his clients’ wedding days. He’s also a doer. Give him a suggestion to improve his website and it’s done the next day. Challenge him to implement a strategy, and he’s on it. This is just a part of what makes Brandon a Wedding Superhero. I learned more through

10 Wedding Sales Tips I Learned from Hiring a Remodeling Contractor

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By Sonya Scott, Master Wedding Planner My husband and I have spent the better part of this year searching for a contractor to replace our siding. Not only has our contractor search taught a lot about exterior building materials, but it’s been a great reminder of how couples think and feel when planning their wedding. First of all, we dutifully

Know Your Worth: 5 Ways to Price Your Work

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By Jennifer Taylor, Taylor’d Events Group “Every second counts.” If you’re a wedding business owner, you surely understand and agree with this saying. It’s true – every second really does count when you’re balancing client appointments, design schemes, and day-to- day admin work. This is why it’s so essential to ensure that you’re pricing your work accurately and being compensated

How Do You Learn to “Own” Your Price?

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There’s nothing more terrifying that quoting your price to a bride or groom when you don’t fully believe it. The lump in the throat, the knot in the stomach, the shaky knees of INSECURITY. We’ve all been there, especially right after rolling out a new price increase. If you don’t believe you’re worth the price, no one will. So how

Why We Chose Our Wedding Photographer Over the Competition

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Go to any bridal show, and it seems like every other booth is a wedding photographer. “Have camera, will shoot” seems to be the credo these days as more and more photographers are coming onto the scene. Experienced or not, the wedding photography competition is fierce, and we brides can feel it! For every time you wonder how you are