How Do I Get It All Done?

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Question:  “How do I divide the time I spend on each part of my business to be most effective and least wasteful of said time? I need to be more efficient. I feel like between blogging, web design, email management, client meetings, shooting, and editing, SEO, building relationships with vendors, getting publications… how can I […]

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5 Awesome Tools to Stay Organized

  Have you ever had so many projects and things to do that you lose track of an important task? Or maybe you manage a team in your wedding business and you struggle with keeping track of what everyone’s doing? Or perhaps you’re wasting time sifting through dozens of emails while working on a wedding. […]

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Organization For Dummies

This was the last straw. I couldn’t find the bride’s email.  I’d forgotten to call the accountant before the deadline, and I’d missed a client phone call appointment (which I never do!)  Everything was falling apart. The worst part was that I knew better. I knew how to tame the wild beasts lurking in my […]

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3 Steps To Be More Productive

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So you are running your own wedding business which is really cool, except for how much time you are spending every day on it. You are probably like the rest of us, wondering how on earth you can get everything done that you need to, but still have time for outside activities like spending time […]

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