3 Lessons Learned From My Vacation From Hell

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It was the worst vacation of my life. We’d rented a beachfront cottage on Long Beach Island with my step-sons and my brother for the week. And it rained. All. Week. Long. Not just a drizzle either. We’re talking torrential downpour without a hint of sun. But it gets worse. I always used to joke, “I don’t take a break

Why I Quit the Wedding Business

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It started with guilt. My husband and I were wrapping up our meeting with a young couple, all beaming smiles and big wedding expectations. We’d charmed them with the Steph and Jeff Show, as usual. They’d entered our home as nervous soon-to-be-weds, and were leaving as friends. “It’s so cool that you get to do what you love,” the bride-to-be

Jeff’s Guide to Getting the Girl

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Ever hear the saying, “Have a plan or plan to fail?” Man, I’ve lived that theory out big time.  Being a dedicated creative, spontaneous humanoid, I drive my wife crazy with my rather constant ricocheting from task to task. “Damn it, I’m a highly effective multi tasker!”  Yeah, even I don’t buy that bullshit. Even with this untethered side of

Why Your “Reasonable” Price Can Cost You Business

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This email came in from one of the wedding superheroes in our Book More Brides community.  If you’re ready for a dose of inspiration and a little kick in the bum to encourage you to go for the price you really deserve, keep reading. This made my day! Stephanie, I have to say the wedding tip of Why You Need

What Seinfeld Can Teach You About Booking More Weddings

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There’s an episode of Seinfeld where George Costanza comes to the conclusion that everything he does is WRONG, and that’s why his life sucks.  Jerry tells him, “If every instinct you have is wrong, then the opposite would have to be right!” George decides to do the exact opposite of everything he would usually do.  As a result, he lands

Tale of the Spineless Pushover

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“No is a complete sentence.” My husband tells me this was his grandmother’s mantra.  Grandma Linnie was very good at saying no, even to her darling grandchildren. I didn’t have a grandmother to teach me this lesson.  In fact, the lesson I Iearned was quite the opposite. I learned to say YES to pretty much everything that was asked of

Quit Being a Wedding Wuss Already!

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Once upon a time when I was a little girl, I hurt my finger.  I don’t remember what I did; most likely I punched my brother too hard. Anyway, every time I bent my finger it left me squealing in pain. “Ma!” I yelled.  “My finger hurts when I bend it!” My mother looked up at me with half-lidded eyes. 

Why You’re Not Doing Your Job as a Wedding Pro

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What is the goal of your wedding business? There are a lot of ways to answer that question.  You might answer with a lofty mission statement, “to provide couples with the best wedding EVER!” Or you could list the awesome features of your product or service.  You could say simply, “My goal is to make money.” No matter what type