Are You Discounting or Adding Value?

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Everyone loves a sale. In fact many people go crazy over sale. However as much as that may be the case running sales and posting %50 off packages on your website is not going to get you anywhere. It’s not that there isn’t a place for sales in the wedding industry, however you may want to stick to free consultations,

What is Relationship Marketing and How Does It Work?

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Relationship marketing is primarily used for convincing clients that you are an expert in your field. Obviously with wedding businesses this is going to be crucial across the board. You can’t just advertise yourself and expect people to come flocking in to buy your products and services. They have to know and trust you first. As a wedding planner this

How To Get the Most Out of Advanced Social Media Search

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When you are getting ready to do some intense wedding marketing it can majorly help to check out the completion, and get an idea of what is going on out in the world, and find ways to tap into that information and make it work for you. One of the fastest ways to do that is by running advanced social

Avoid Idea Plateaus with a Plan

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Getting a plan, book, or campaign to the half way point, and then getting stuck and not being able to finish is extremely common. So how do you get past that point, or even avoid getting stuck in the first place? After all, if you don’t finish a marketing plan, you can’t see the fruit of your labor. Instead of

Spring Cleaning Your Database

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Getting people to sign up for your newsletter is only step one on the process of creating a customer data base. Once you have email addresses and physical addresses there comes a point where you realize you are spending a lot of time, effort and money contacting people who may never receive the information. According to Carol Lustig marketing director

Small Companies Level the Playing Field with Social Media

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In the past the wedding business marketing field had a market separation between small and large companies. Small companies cannot afford the same amount of expense as large companies, which makes it hard for them to move past the point of being a small struggling business, let alone draw in a larger clientele. With the dawn of social networks the

How Unique Is Your Marketing Plan?

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Perhaps you have started mastering marketing for your wedding company, and perhaps not. However in marketing it is a great idea to take the initiative and start the next big thing rather than waiting around for a new band wagon to hop on at the same time as hundreds of thousands of other businesses. Does this mean you shouldn’t try

How to Launch a Website in 3 Minutes

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If you don’t have a website yet for your wedding business you may be overwhelmed with the amount of time and money that usually goes into a web site. In the last few years companies have built companies and applications to help people who don’t have any programming skills build their own web sites easily. According to Scott Gerber founder

How To Make Your Wedding Business Stand Apart

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Standing out from you’re your competitors should be the goal of every business. After all, if you blend in, then how on earth are brides going to find you? Normally I love home shows. They have some of the coolest ideas and companies with booths set up, samples of food, and great marketing strategies that pull customers in. Last year

LinkedIn Publishes Video Series for Small Business Owners

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If you want to learn how to effectively use LinkedIn for your wedding business John Paul Titlow reports that LinkedIn has produced a series of videos called “LinkedIn’s Timeless Guide to Small Business Success.” The series is staged with a cool retro look and feel for the sake of keeping people interested with the continuing ability to understand what is