Why You Should Avoid Print Advertising

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Bridal magazines have been around for decades. It used to be that those magazines were one of the only places for brides to get their ideas and therefore the ads placed by businesses in the magazine pages would bring in major revenue. Well according to the research done by Think Like A Bride the era of bridal magazines is just

Why Your Business Should Be Social On Facebook

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There is more to marketing than constantly telling brides about your business. After all, who wants to go into a store or trade show and heard over and over why you should buy from them. This is a bigger issue on social platforms like Facebook according to Small Business Mavericks . People join Facebook and Twitter to interact with friends,

Is Your Site Ready For The Unexpected?

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In the every day we all have times that have crazy coincidences. Whether it is something as small as running into someone we knew years ago, or having a huge influx of customers in our store one day. The thing is that even though your website and blog are virtual they run a high chance of experiencing the very same

What to Do When You’re the Best…But the Brides Aren’t Booking You

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Question:  I know I need help to book more weddings, but I’m not sure your suggestions will work. They just don’t seem like ME.  What should I do? I am really excited about all the info you share with us and I think it is great but I have the feeling we kind of need to have a different approach. 

What To Do When you Get Tired Of Social Media

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Eventually everyone will hit the point where they are sick and tired of putting time and effort into social media. It doesn’t feel as personal as talking to someone at your location and can easily turn into an endless repetition of the same information over and over according to Chris Brogan’s brilliant article. So what do you do? Do you

Why You Need To Set Up A Google Business Listing

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We all know about yellow pages. It has been the bread and butter of businesses for decades. The problem is that more and more people are turning to the internet for that same information. As a result your ad or listing in Yellow pages may not turn out many leads or customers. The same is not true of getting listed

DIY Wedding Trends: I Do or I Don’t?

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With the rise of the do it yourself wedding trend, it seems there are two camps: those who violently oppose DIY for weddings and those who are embracing the trend. One such company is Story Mix media, whose DIY wedding video service was recently featured on ABC local news.  You can check out the video below: The Con The do

So What Are The Real Wedding Statistics?

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When it comes to taking a good look at real nationwide wedding statistics The Knot is considered one the best places to get the information. They just finished a survey on weddings and Chris Jaeger posted the results on The Knot. What many wedding businesses will probably find as the biggest shock is the fact that the average cost of

A Celebration Of The Ideas Behind Marketing

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Marketing is the baseline of every business. After all, if you don’t market you can’t get clients, and without clients you have a hobby, not a business. There is so much training around on marketing that it’s easy to get stuck in the nuts and bolts of the process. Magdalena Georgieva posted on the HubSpot blog celebrating the marketing field

How The American Wedding Is Changing

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If you pick up a wedding magazine you will be blown away by the price of the weddings, and the pure extravagance of the entire event. This has probably been the case for decades but what it doesn’t tell you is that real weddings have very little to do with the marketing ads. According to a great article on Think