11 Questions That Can Change Your Life

I just got slapped in the face today. Not literally. I mean the wake-up-and-face-reality-Steph type of slap. I’ve been working, dreaming and scheming very hard about creating something unbelievably awesome with our business, but I’ve been going about it all WRONG. I have a few trusted advisors (mastermind members, coaches, mentors) who I turn to […]

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Jeff’s Guide to Getting the Girl

Happy Couple

Ever hear the saying, “Have a plan or plan to fail?” Man, I’ve lived that theory out big time.  Being a dedicated creative, spontaneous humanoid, I drive my wife crazy with my rather constant ricocheting from task to task. “Damn it, I’m a highly effective multi tasker!”  Yeah, even I don’t buy that bullshit. Even […]

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